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At this time we only accept payments via PayPal on our website.

You can pay using your credit / debit card with the PayPal Checkout, even if you do not have a PayPal account.

For alternative payment options such as bank transfer please get in touch via the contact form with details of which items you would like to order.


Cart Checkout Instructions

Standard Proceedure

Step 1 - fill out your customer & shipping information.

Step 2 - proceed to the shipping calculation page.

Step 3 - proceed to the payment method page, select PayPal.

* Shipping is calculated at the end of the checkout process

Final Step - Payment is confirmed at the very end of the checkout process, the cost of shipping will be included, if applicable.


Using the PayPal 'Express' checkout button

Using the 'Checkout with PayPal' button will re-direct you to log in to you PayPal account at the start of the checkout process.

Customer & shipping details are completed next.

Sipping is calculated and added to the total amount to pay, at the end of the checkout process.

Finally, you confirm the PayPal payment.