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At this time we only accept order payments via Bank Transfer


Cart Checkout & Payment Instructions

Standard Procedure

Step 1 - fill out your customer & shipping information.

Step 2 - proceed to the shipping calculation page.

Step 3 - proceed to the payment method page, select Bank Deposit.

* Shipping is calculated at the end of the checkout process

Step 4 - Your order confirmed at the very end of the checkout process, the cost of shipping will be included, if applicable.

Step 5 - Details with payment instructions will be displayed on the Thank you page, after the you have placed your order.

Step 6 - Send a bank transfer payment to us for the total amount of your order.

Please mention your order number or name when you do a bank transfer.

If possible please send us email confirmation once you paid the total order amount.
You can do this by replying to you order confirmation email.

* Your order will not be completed and shipped until we receive the full payment.