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Alka Tabs Original - 90 tablets

Alka Tabs Original - 90 tablets


Alka® Tabs Original - 90 tablets    £24.95


Alkalize every day with Alka® Tabs

Alka® Tabs Original are tablets to effortlessly alkalize your body every day. The tablets are made of a patented combination of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, with a special gastro-resistant coating.

The bicarbonates which are gradually absorbed through the gut wall help to release and neutralize build-ups of acid waste.

  • Taking a tablet every day after eating alkalizes your body!
  • The original, patented Bicarb-Balance formula!
  • Dissolves gradually in the intestines and not in the stomach!
  • The ideal sodium-to-potassium ratio for a neutral moisture balance.
  • Also combines perfectly with Alka® Drops!

Get started straight away and discover the unique alkalizing effects of Alka® Tabs.


Alka® Tabs

Sodium bicarbonate is an essential ingredient for alkalizing the body. Alka® Tabs gives the alkalizing properties of sodium bicarbonate, yet without allowing it to react with gastric acid. This gastro-resistant coating ensures that the tablet passes straight through the stomach unchanged so that it can dissolve in the intestines.

The proportions of sodium and potassium in Alka® Tabs are also the same as the proportions associated with a neutral moisture balance within and between cells in the body. The ideal sodium-potassium balance means you can take Alka® Tabs every day.

Alka® Tabs come in a convenient blister pack, so you take it with you anywhere.

The Alka® Tabs formula has been successfully sold worldwide for more than 12 years. Alka® Tabs is the original formula, developed according US patent no. 5914130.


Directions for use

Adults: 3 tablets daily. Preferably taken with water just after meal. Swallow tablet whole. For children aged 12 years and over, the recommended dose is 1 tablet daily.

What you should know before using Alka® Tabs Original

Do not exceed the stated dose. Food supplements are not a replacement for a proper and varied diet and a healthy life style. Contains no animal ingredients.


Keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store dry and at room temperature.


The recommended daily dose (3 tablets) contains:




Zinc (zinc gluconate)

1,5 mg


*RI = Reference Intake

Ingredients: acidity regulators (potassium bicarbonate 40%, sodium bicarbonate 15%), thickener (xanthom gum), bulking agent (cellulose, hydroypropylcellulase, maltodextrin), anti-caking agent (tricalcium phosphate, silicondioxide), glazing agent (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, glycerol, talc), stabiliser (magnesiumstearate), mineral.

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