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L’Or des Pharaons - Anti Aging Skin Mist

L’Or des Pharaons - Anti Aging Skin Mist


The Health Factory's L’Or des Pharaons (Gold of the Pharaohs) is a skin mist researched from ancient manuscripts and uniquely formulated through an understanding of technology in quantum mechanics making it possible to achieve true nano gold, platinum and zinc, each of which known to be beneficial for the skin. 

Our particles are small enough to be absorbed and used quickly through the cell membrane for optimum efficiency.          

Applied on skin before make-up and creams, L’Or des Pharaons’ pure ingredients get well into the skin layers.  Thus the revitalisation is deep and lasting. 

L’Or des Pharaons combats the visible signs of aging at cellular level and helps rejuvenate your skin.

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