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Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals

Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals


  50g - £27.50

100g - £49.00

The Health Factory’s Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals is manufactured under a patented process. It is this process that activates the minerals so that they become ionized when exposed to water.

It is a complete composition of more than 70 minerals and trace elements derived from fossilized Sango sea coral. These are plant-based, organic, ocean minerals. Particularly rich in ionized calcium and magnesium, in a 2:1 ratio which is appropriate for optimal absorption.  The Health Factory’s Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals is made of Sango Coral from Okinawa, which is the one coral species out of the 2500 in the world in which the mineral content and proportions are almost identical to that of human bone.

Composition per 3g/3 scoops: Calcium (carbonate) 684 mg (86% RDA). Magnesium (carbonate) 330 mg (86% RDA).

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