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Vitae Oil 12%

Vitae Oil 12%


Key features

- 12% Full Spectrum hemp extract containing 640mg pure CBD.

- Also contains CBN, CBC, CBG, CBV alongside many more beneficial compounds.

- Our CBD oil is free from all traces of THC.

- The hemp extract has been produced using the "Supercritical CO2 extraction" method in a sterile EU laboratory.

- CBD Vitality Oil is produced from 100% organically grown industrial hemp and is vegan friendly


Contents: 10ml with 640mg CBD

 A 100% Organic hemp extract diluted in cold-pressed olive oil. Natural Flavour

The bottle comes with a dropper for easy use.

 *This product is a nutritional supplement.



Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract including:

CBD 6.40% (640mg)

CBN 2.92% (293mg)

CBC 0.96% (96mg) 

CBG 0.48% (48mg)

CBV 1.29% (129mg)

Cold pressed olive oil. No added flavourings


How to use Vitae Sense Oil

Put the desired amount of drops under the tongue or add it to your favourite dish, up to three times per day.



Use 2-3 drops 2 to 3 times a day. You can increase the dose if desired.


Production Method

Vitae Sense CBD oil has produced from organically grown, industrial hemp. The full spectrum has been extracted by the "Supercritical CO2 extraction" method. This is the most secure and clean way because there is no use of unhealthy solvents during the extraction process. The extracts will be cleaned and excess of plant material will be separated, resulting in a clean bright CBD-rich "Honey Oil" with full range of CBD, CBN, CBG & CBC. We test this honey oil using HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) on concentration of the present CBD. Eventually, the oil will be by diluted with cold-pressed olive oil to the correct formula. This makes it possible to precisely dose the correct amount of CBD.



CBD is a Natural Constituent of Hemp.

We do not make any claims on any reported medicinal effects of this product.

Our CBD extract meets EU directive and contains NO psychoactive effect.

This is not a restricted product within the United Kingdom and does not contain any controlled substances.

There are no reported Side effects associated with this product.

This product is not a replacement for a normal healthy diet.

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